As a constantly growing company, TMP is always looking for new talents! Our activities cover a large spectrum of professions, requiring skills and experience of all kinds and horizons. We will give you the chance to realize your potential and demonstrate your competence inside a multicultural structure ! You can discover below our currently available job offers.




Main tasks:

1. Find and contact factories according to our needs, provide quotations, convince customer to place an order.

2. Follow-up the sampling process, ensure the respect of delays.

3. Follow-up the mass production and the order process, from shipping document  to logistics and payment process…

4. Communication with all the stakeholders to ensure goods can be deliver on time.


1. English CET level 6 or above, fluent English.

2. Basic knowledge of Word and Excel.

3.Ability to research information efficiently on the Internet.

4.Good knowledge of foreign trading process.

5.Good communication skills and team spirit is required.

6.3 years or above working experience in the field of foreign trade.




1、 负责寻找工厂,问价,做报价表,促成客户下单;

2、 跟进打板进程,确保工厂在规定时间内完成客户要求的样板;

3、 跟进大货生产的整个流程,负责订单的跟踪、单证、物流、以及跟单工作中涉及的各项内容;

4、 负责与工厂,客户以及公司内部各部门的联系沟通,确保按时按质量交货给客户。



熟练掌握电脑操作系统,以及word, excel等办公软件。




有3年及以上在外贸领域工作经验 (应届毕业生和英语不熟练者请勿投)


Senior Sales Account

1.Receive and analyze customer briefing .

2.Ensuring the client’s briefing are clearly and precise being communicated to the sourcing merchandisers or TDF teams.

3.Allocate and dispatch the work to the TMP Sourcing Merchandisers (in case of a team of three: One SAM and two SM).

4.Supervise the planning of the pre-order projects and assess the capacity;

5.Act as problem solver and team player to the corresponding Sourcing Merchandiser(s);

6.Communicate efficiently with customer.

7.Assess customer offer as soon as it is received from the sourcing merchandiser and send it on time to the client.

8.Acknowledge customer order.

9.Input the order into the Intranet with complete information for the Production Account Manager (PAM) to carry on.

10.Propose solution and communicate to the client if any production problem occurs.

11.Prepare customer visits, attend to the meetings and manage debriefing and related tasks.

12.Take part of the training and induction program for newcomers and explaining the TMP & TDF process;

13.Attend fairs if necessary

14.In case of low-seasoned items, switch to development for pro-active sales


1.Commercial sense, client-oriented.

2.Excellent communication skills

3.Proactivity, Ability to write clearly, completely with a commercial approach

4.Knowledge of various production techniques

5.Negotiation skills, Organization, foresight, planning and methodology

6.Thoroughness and attention to detail, Sense of responsibility

7.Fast-responding, Team spirit

8.Ability to solve problems as well as capacity to propose and communicate solutions

9.Mother tongue: Chinese (Mandarin),Fluent in spoken and written English


熟练掌握电脑操作系统,以及word, excel等办公软件。
有3年及以上在外贸领域工作经验 (英语不熟练者请勿投)


Are you creative and dynamic with first class InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop skills?​ Interested in joining a growing foreign trading company specialized in license products (Disney, Pixar, Hello Kitty, …) on an exciting and challenging position?​ If so, this is your chance to excel in an environment designed to aid and push your skills so that you can fulfil your potential.​

As a Creative Artworker /​ Designer, you will be responsible for working on a wide variety of art work and design jobs, as following:
1. Manage client artworks and prepare them for supplier use.
2. Manage the company sample/products pictures by shooting and optimizing product pictures.
3. Create new product/set from existing one.
4. Develop new packaging or optimize existing one.
5. Design brochures and company catalogues.
6. Prepare sales presentation with sales team.

Interested?​ To be considered, you must have great Mac and software skills, including experience of using InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.​ Equally important is your creative flair and attention to detail.​ English will be a plus.

你 在In-Design,Illustrator,Photoshop技能方面有较强的创造性和活跃思维吗?有兴趣加入一家正在成长中的从事各种各样授权品 牌(迪士尼,皮克斯,Kitty猫等)的外贸公司吗?你有兴趣加入一个很有趣且具挑战性的职位吗?如果有,请加入到我们的团队中来,这是一个发挥你专业技 能与挖掘你无穷潜力的良好机会。



Reference: [DSG13]


Quality Controller

Main tasks:

Arrange the schedule of the inspectors, deal with all the matters concerning the quality control and testings.


1. Good knowledge of all the testing requirements on the European market. Good knowledge of the common testings concerning these products: stationery, toys, bags, outdoor furniture, sports products, food container (lunchbox), cosmetics... Be able to make quotation for these testings.

2. Manage follow-up testings and check testing reports.  Help the customer solve the testing and quality problem.

3. Being able to prepare the product’s check list, to check the inspection report and to validate the inspection results.

4. Be familiar with Disney factory inspection requirements.

5. Ability to travel and work under-pressure。

6. 3 years of relevant experience or above.

7. Be able to communicate with foreigner in English, and to prepare an inspection report in English.

8. Familiar with Windows Office, including the softwares Word and Excel.







4、熟悉Disney验厂 或相关社会责任验厂。





9、熟练掌握电脑操作系统,以及word, excel等办公软件。


Reference: [QCL13]

Sales manager

Main tasks:

Find new customers and maintain good business relationships with former customers. Follow customer’s inquiry and order status. Convince customers to place orders.


1. English CET level six or above, fluent writing and speaking English.

2. Good knowledge of foreign-trade process, being familiar with the European and American markets is a plus.

3. Basic knowledge of Windows, Word and Excel.

4. Ability to seek information on the Internet.

5. Good communication and negotiation ability, creative mind, strong sense of responsibility, team spirit.

6. 3 years of working experience as sales in a trading company.








*熟练掌握Windows操作系统,以及word, excel等办公软件






Reference: [SLM13]

Logistic Manager

Main tasks:

Deal with all the matters concerning logistics and shipping. You will be in direct contact with factories, freight forwarders and customers.


1.Familiar with foreign-trade process. Skills in handling goods exportation and preparing shipping document.

2. Ability to solve the problems concerning exportations, for example customs issues/delayed shipment issues…

3. Have a good knowledge of European countries requirements about goods importation. Have a good knowledge of the duty rates concerning goods exportation. Handle the DDP and the DDU in the European ports. Work independently with the foreign freight forwarders in order to handle the DDP and the DDU in the European ports.

4. Strong sense of responsibility,can independently handle the issues concerning goods export/imports,ensure that the goods arrive to their destination on time.

5. Familiar with English, able to speak and write in English.

6. 3 years experience or above as logistics in foreign trade company. Working experience with an European company would be a plus.

7. Good communication skills. Ability to work independently.












Reference: [LGM13]

Service Accountant and HR Assistant

Job description:

This full time position will assist the Finance & HR department in performing a variety of tasks and duties in the preparation, maintenance, and processing of accounting records and documents for general expense, administration as well as HR task. A Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Economic, outstanding communication and organizational skills detail oriented, familiar with Microsoft and having the ability to multi-task.


Petty Cash management and following up.

Office general expense checking & payment.

Cashbook & bank book reconciliation.

Payroll calculation.

Allowance calculation.

Carrying out other duties assigned by the Finance manager (General administration tasks).

Draft and implement an effective recruitment process.

Setup the recruitment means (Head hunters, internet, Relationship).

Post Job Offers according to the Company need.

Receiving & pre-selection CV according to Company requirement.

Performing the first interview by phone.

Coordinate & planning interview base on the availability of Manager.

Keep all candidate informed about the status of their application to TMP.

Keep record for the employees starting date, annual leave balance & other leave.

Other HR issue if any.


Attentive & Careful for detail.

Highly organized

Good performing in Microsoft office software ( Word/ Excel…)

Autonomy & responsible for the work.

Good in communication.

Ability to work under pressure and to deadlines.

English is mandatory.







- 现金帐簿和银行存折的对账
























CEO offer

Main tasks :

Look after emplyees


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If you are interested in joining us, please feel free to send us an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , providing:

-the job reference and your name in the mail object.

-your resume in PDF.

-a motivation letter in PDF.

If these offers don't match your qualifications, note that unsolicited application are warmly welcomed! Please specify in the mail object :"Unsolicited application".

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