Our perspective is to assume the role of complete interface between the customer, on the onehand, and the risks/difficulties/problems linked to the design, manufacturing and delivery  of licensed  items, on the other.

We insist on accepting our responsibilities and never burdening a customer with a  problem  that is for us to manage. Furthermore, the quality of our work is judged on the  basis of our ability  to anticipate and solve problems and thus, in particular, on the quality of  the final result.

This attitude is motivated by an idea, the same idea that lies at the basis of the relation TMP has with more of its customers: the idea of a true partnership.
Why? Because the experience we have gained from the accounts we have managed over the past few years have convinced us of the mutual benefit of such close relations. Because we still wish to prove that our enthusiasm can be reconciled with an impeccable quality of service. And because we inisist on taking our creativity even further as soon as it strikes a chord with our customers.


TMP has always defend the idea that making ethical business in China is possible. In order to fulfill this purpose, all our suppliers have to accept the “TMP code of conduct for manufacturers”. This contract outlines our requirements for our partners to uphold the International Labor Organization's Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

TMP code of conduct covers a wide range of matters in which we demand from our suppliers a perfect honesty and transparency: child labor, forced labor, freedom of association … Not only do we make sure of the approval of this document, but we truly verify if our demands are applied inside the factory, thanks to our own proper team of Quality Controller. If ever one our QC reports a breach of trust, the supplier will no longer have the chance to work with us !