The Meeting Point Limited exists to make all your dreams of licensed products a reality, by offering you the best services. TMP currently offers a particularly wide variety of services because our customers'needs are ever-increasing.

Lets take a look at TMP range of services!

No patience needed! Whatever the field, whatever the product, we make short work of finding you reliable, serious suppliers, who live up to your expectations. We use an in-depth audit to choose the best supplier.
Production management
Rest assured, your order at TMP is in good hands! Thanks to our multiculturral team, TMP maintains close relations with both the client and the supplier. Each production serie is controlled systematically on location by our specially trained teams, whose members boast the necessary technical and linguistic skills. We keep you informed at all times of the state of progress of your order.
Wrapping, packaging and displaying
We have alreay wrapped, packaged and presented every kind of products possible and imaginable, from the smallest to the largest object, from the most fragile to the most expensive item. Looking to increase the perceived value of the product? Or perhaps you simply want to make its presence felt ? We will find the answer for you: the most protective, solid and/or aesthetic solution at the lower possible costs.
Quality is our top priority at TMP. We expect the product we supply to meet all the standards of the countries in question. To make sure, we get international laboratories to put them to the strictest conformance, safety, hygiene and consumer protection tests. We can provide to pre-shipment inspection based on the AQL of your choice.
We leave nothing to chance… From transport in the country of production to road, sea and/or air transport, not to mention customs clearance, TMP manages the entire logistic chain with one central concern in mind: to cut down on risks. Logistic can be based on FOB or DDU terms. We do everything possible to make sure that orders placed with us are always delivered on time!

TMP will ensure you the best layouts possible, thanks to our own team of designers. They will put their creativity, imagination and editing skills at the service of your products!